Dox 25

The Dox 25 is a simplified model, which controls only the dosing. The delivery temperature is only measured and shown on display. The Dox 25 compared with the Dox 25M has no mixing unit or temperature setting knob.


domix 25

Main Features

  • Microprocessor logic with permanent memory
  • Control box in 4 mm thick PVC and stainless steel. Protection grade IP 55
  • UP and DOWN keys for setting the quantity
  • START key for starting or restarting water delivery
  • STOP/C key for manual stop or eventual clearing of memory
  • Digital display for selected, yet to be delivered (during batching), or already discharged (after pressing STOP) litres or pounds
  • A second digital display to visualize only the temperatures measured
  • OR gasket-type union for an easier installation
  • Double stainless steel net filter for water impurities
  • Litre counter
  • Dosing electrovalve
  • No-return valves

Technical Features

Water Connections ½
Infeed water maximum temperature 65 °C
Infeed maximum water pressure 5 bar
Infeed minimum water pressure 0.5 bar
Maximum dosing 999.9 lt
Dosing range +/- 1%
Water range at 1 bar and 20°C 25 lt/min
Water range at 5 bar and 20°C 55 lt/min
Voltage/Frequency 230 V/50-60 Hz
Input power 25 VA

For full list of features please download the brochure from above

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