Sart 2

The SART 2 divider rounder is a compact and silent machine is suitable for both industrial and craft bakeries, to be used alone or combined with other machines to create complete moulding and stamping lines. The machine was developed by following Pietroberto’s reliability and quality standards. Its wide weight range, the possibility of working both soft and medium-hard dough, its simple cleaning and maintenance allow this divider rounder SART 2 to respond to the different needs of modern bakeries and pastry laboratories.



Main Features

  • 2 – row dividing unit with main frame in painted steel
  • Stainless steel hopper, teflon coated inside, with 10kg dough capacity
  • Flour sprinkler in the dough dividing area
  • The dough dividing unit does not need a lubrication system
  • Programmable computer and touch screen multifunction controls (version SART 2A)
  • Machine available with a digital control panel to set and visualize the weight, the rounding and production speed (version SART 2M)
  • Only one rounding unit with exclusive UDS technology (Universal Drum System) developed by Pietroberto for this new line of machines
  • Stainless steel version
  • Automatic feeder to feed any type of dough on the loading hopper of the rounder divider machine avoiding the manual intervention of the operator
  • Loaf moulder with motorized upper belt. The height can be adjusted both at the entry and exit by means of independent hand wheels.
  • This machine is built to comply with the accident prevention, hygiene and electric standards in force.

Technical Features

Installed Power (kw) 3.25
Weight Range: (gr) 25÷80
Maxium production pieces/hour (n/h) 4000
Weight (kg) 750

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