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The main feature of this group is the combining of a rotary divider and two moulders in just one machine, guaranteeing a high level production rate of various forms of rolled bread in considerably reduced spaces. Thanks to the innovative solutions, these modern latest generation groups work both hard dough and softer dough, with a wide range of weights to choose from. A wide range of accessories is available on request to obtain any form of rolled bread or just cut bread such as ciabatta rolls.  For the models designed for industrial scale production, a PLC controls the machine functions. A system for placing the dough automatically in baking pans is also available with a loading trolley for 15 pans.



Main Features

  • Hopper with a synthetic belt and high loading capacity
  • Device for constantly feeding dough to the divider
  • Two production speeds
  • Three cutting speeds
  • Practical adjustment of both divider and moulders
  • Two moulders: the 1st with 4 cylinders, the 2nd, which may be set at various angles, with 2 cylinders
  • Fold-away bench for collecting the shaped pieces and board support
  • Double START-STOP push-button panel
  • Easy-to-use control panel and electric system with protection class IP 55
  • Stainless steel accident-prevention guards

Technical Features

Installed power: kW 1.6
Voltage: 230/50/3+E 400/50/3+E 220/60/3+E
Weight: kg 500
Production pieces/hour: 900÷4300
Dough weight range: 35÷380 gr

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