Croissomat 2000

The machine is made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel and it is composed by two working stations: the first cuts the pastry dough, the second rolls the cut pieces. To save time, the dough may be laminated at a higher thickness than the desired one. The pastry dough that results may be rolled into the rolling pin and placed above the outlet belt.

By an automatic device, the rollers are continuously fed with the pastry dough, thus gauging it exactly for croissants that results to be of the same weight and size.



Main Features

  • The gauging rollers work letting the dough tailings to bind together so that the machine can work continuously avoiding refuses
  • The pastry dough, after gauging, is cut in two stages to avoid sticking to the mould
  • The cutting units can be changed fast and easy
  • The second working station can be set in order to achieve different kinds of croissants rolled up in different ways.
  • The product is rolled without any need for flour sprinkling. The moulder can be used separately for a manual production

Technical Features

Installed power: 1,5 kW
Voltage: 230/50/3+E 400/50/3+E 220/60/3+E
Weight: 500 kg
Hourly production: 2000 pieces (with 4 rows of triangles)
Dimensions triangles: Height 3 rows 147 mm. with base 100÷180 mm. / Height 4 rows 110 mm. with base 100÷180 mm. / Height 5 rows 88 mm. with base 100÷180 mm.

For full list of features please download the brochure from above

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