Semi Line Retarder

The Lillnord SEMILINE retarder provers ensure high bread quality through optimum freezing conditions in the shape of storage freezing with automatic air speeds, individual thaw-out curves with incorporated rest periods, as well as a proving system in which steam and heat are applied according to the differing demands of the various dough quantities. The unit has an inward insulated pressure chamber which prevents undesirable heat and condensation on the dough products.

Lillnords retarder provers contribute to an improved environment and better working conditions in the bakery as later starts in the morning and efficient planning mean more time to spend on the handicraft skills. They can an advantageous in all bakeries which have a need for staggered bake-off times for small bread types and pastries and for thawing and/or proving of all storage frozen bread types. The retarder provers not only insure an optimum bread quality but also substantial savings on the yearly energy consumption. This is possible because the GPC-2000 control ensures that air speed, humidity and heat are in harmony with the respective dough quantities.



Main Features

  • Rack loading units, unit sizes as desired & required
  • GPC-2000 computer control
  • Fascia and doors in stainless steel finish
  • Doors with spring catch & hinges (3 hinges to single doors and 2 to double)
  • Bump rail on internal panels and doors
  • Air speed control
  • Thaw out curve (with incorporated rest periods)
  • PID – regulation of heat and humidity
  • Computer terminal to personal computer
  • Automatic drainage and cleaning of steam unit
  • Compressor with interior electrical automatism
  • Supplied with compressor housing (if required)
  • Doors with triple glazed windows

Technical Features

Temperature range: -3°C to +45°C
Humidity range: 60% - 95%
Insulation: 80mm
Height, without floor: 2480mm
Doorway, single and double: 900 to 1500mm
Coolant: R404A
Standard retarder provers 1 – 18 racks
Voltage: 3 x 400/230V – 50Hz

For full list of features please download the brochure from above

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