PG Climators

The Lillnord PG Climator units ensure optimum bead quality through uniform proving within the entire
existing prover. An insulated steam injector with adjustable steam capacity guarantees rapid and
precise steam dosage and no over-runs.

They are equipped with manual thermostat and hygrostat for automatic control of heat
and humidity in accordance with precisely preset values. In addition the baker may give priority to either
het or humidity by choosing between step 1 and step 2. In the standard version the control panel may
be removed and placed outside the prover. Hence a 5m cable for the control is always included.



Main Features

  • An economic advantage - No mechanical or electronic parts within the steam container, which makes it very hardwearing and stable in operation.
  • The water quality (time-content and hardness) does not impair the function and life of the climator unit.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • A fan motor in the upper part of the air duct simply takes in air and presses it through the duct.
  • During this process the air is provided with the required extra heat and humidity.
  • The warm and humid air is ducted over the baffle plate out into the proving chamber.
  • The design, ensures uniform distribution of air from top to bottom.
  • For larger proving chambers more units care connected with a single, joint control.
  • For a prover 15m² we recommend a PG102 which connects o master unit and 1 slave unit. Optionally the PG100 comes with in special heights for usage in intermediate and spiral provers.

Technical Features

1 – 6M²
1725 X 230 X 430

For full list of features please download the brochure from above

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