Rondo Econom 4000 Sheeter

The Rondo Econom pastry sheeter offers high output in a small package.  Whether as a table-top model or with a mobile base, the Econom is the ideal machine for hotels, restaurants, pizza shops and canteens as well as for the fract bakers and cake shops.  The Economs modern design makes it almost effortless to use.  All operating elements are arranged so as to be within easy reach and able to be operated without physical effort. 

Uninterrupted operation calls for clean rollers at all times.  That is why Rondo uses a special, tried and tested scraper system that reliably removes dough and flour residues  This means that even tricky or very thin doughs can be processed without tearing.  Naturally, you can quickly remove the scraper for cleaning without the need for tools.

The ergonomic roller adjustment lever enables you to work tirelessly and with the minimum effort.  The end thickness stop sets the desired product thickness and your doughs will always have a consistent thickness and your products will always be the same size and weight.


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