Techno "Energy" Rack Ovens

The NEW Techno ENERGY rack ovens are manufactured with particular care to detail, showing the perfect mix between the heavy-duty components and the quality of product.  Techno ovens have been designed to reduce energy consumption, ensure low running costs and guarantee more respect for the environment.  The Techno Energy has the COD-2 control system, which is more than just a control panel.  In fact it is a complete system of oven management which will help you to reduce running costs and make your bakery more efficient.  With just a touch of the colour screen you'll discover the new way of managing your Techno Energy oven.


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Main Features

  • Stainless steel front panels, side panels and ramp
  • Stainless steel extract canopy with manual exhaust damper
  • Insulation with high density rock wool mattress
  • Stainless steel high performance heat exchanger and furnace
  • Armoured heating element double bank (electric version)
  • Stainless steel baking chamber with air delivery adjustment shutters
  • Heating: Electric, Gas (methane or LPG), Light Oil
  • Rack rotation unit made up of a geared motor and a pre-set torque limiting device
  • Manual lifting wtih hook as standard
  • Door with two tempered glasses; the external glass can be opened for cleaning
  • Standard door with right hand hinges
  • Access to the main controls from the front (with additional electrical box for electrical oven)
  • COD-2 colour touch screen control system with USB 2.0 port
  • Availavailable in FSX, RSX AND RDX versions in sizes 46/76, 60/80, 80/100
  • Stronger steam generator, GPC boiler
  • SPEED DRY function
  • SYNAMIC FAN function, "HOOD CONTROL" function, "STEAM CONTROL" function, Litre-Counter

Technical Features

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