Mondial & Ecomondial Deck Ovens

The Mondial and Ecomondial series steam tube fixed deck ovens, gas or gasoil heated are composed of independent decks with standard working height of 22cm to 17cm according to the model.  With the large steam production available the Mondlial and Ecomondial are particularly suitable for medium/large side bread and many other products that require baking from the bottom to the top.  You can load the trays with manual or mechanical setters or automatic elevators.  The ovens have a maximum baking temperature of 300 degrees.  Mondial Forni have over 60 years experience, ensuring top performance and maximum reliability and safety.


Mondial 1

Main Features

  • Fascia, external panels and hood in stainless steel with fixed base
  • Insulation comprising long fibre rock wool ensuring minimul heat loss. In the Mondial oven the side and top cement casting encompass all the tubes, making up a unit of exceptional thermal inertia
  • Baking decks in electro welded aluminized sheet, ensuring a perfect seal to contain the steam inside
  • Decks lit by 12V halogen lamps encompassed by a thick insulation
  • Each deck floor is made up of cement and granulated clay. Product can be baked directly on to the decks or trays.
  • Doors with thick tempered glass, opening downwards with counterweights
  • Large stainless steel external/internal hood equipped with steam exhauster which extract steam comin out from the loading end also trapping the steam of each baking deck through internal tubes
  • Stainless steel tubes, cold-drawn with UNI663 certification and tested individually at 700 bar

Technical Features

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