Dekomondial Deck Ovens

The NEW Dekomondial electric deck ovens are the answer to the growing demand for production flexibility, easy installation, compact footprint; all the maintenance work can be carried out from the front, the baking decks are completely independent giving maximum flexibility in use. 

The Dekomondial is available in the ACTIVE or LOGIC version and each has its own features. For example the Active oven has the IPRO control panel (master) on one deck and the IBAS control panel on the other decks (slaves), whilst the Logic oven has the IPRO control panel on each deck.  On both the Active and the Logic combinations, a USB 2.0 port is available for loading/unloading of recipes and software updates.

Thanks to the new PM - power management function - to the high performance insulation, the heat-reflecting glass (in the Logic model) and new highly efficient steamers, the Dekomondial oven guarantees low overhead costs, saves energy and respects the environment.



Main Features

  • Available in Active or Logic versions
  • Stainless steel fascia and side panels
  • Version Active: Door with standard glass opening upwards, IPRO/IBAS electronic control panel, manual steam discharge damper, USB 2.0 external port, standard steam exhauster, PM function for baking decks and steam generators
  • Version Logic: Door with thermo reflecting glass opening upwards, IPRO electronic control panel, automatic steam discharge damper, USB 2.0 external port, inox 304 steam exhauster, PM power management function for baking decks and steam generators.

Technical Features

Download the PDF for technical features

For full list of features please download the brochure from above

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