Main structure in painted steel, mounted on wheels, two with brake. Standing foot to stabilize the machine. Stainless steel hopper complete with sensorised sensitive ring and with bulkheads for the centring of dough pieces. Easy to adjust sheeting thickness by means of a handwheel with indicator located on the frame. Variable speed motorised loafing belt, with reverse rotation compared to the transporting belt. Adjustment of the distance and of the inclination of the loaf-moulding belt compared to the transporting belt by means of two handwheels located on the side of the machine.

Hand-wheel-adjustable sides-guides located under the loaf-making belt, to restrict the length of the loaves. Lower loaf-moulding group for a subsequent and more intense loaf-moulding operation, height-adjustment by means of two push-buttons located on the control panel. It can produce loaves up to a length of 770 mm. Possibility of splitting up the machine in two parts: the main part is made up of the sheeting group, of the transporting belt and of the loafing belt which rotates in the opposite direction the other is the loaf-making part.



Main Features

  • Synthetic infeed, conveyor and moulding belt according to the regulations in force
  • Possibility of combination with other machines
  • Control panel is class IP 55, the electric system is class IP IP 65 and the motors are graded protection class IP 44
  • adjust the sheeting thickness;
  • adjust the side boards on the loaf-making belt;
  • adjust the distance and the inclination of the loaf-making belt compared to the transporting belt
  • adjust the rotation speed and the winding direction of the loaf-making belt
  • adjust the rounding thickness of the lower loaf-making group

Technical Features

Installed power: kw 2,3
Voltage 230V/50 Hz, 3+E / 400V/50 Hz, 3+E / 220V/60 Hz, 3+E
Weight kg 920
Dough weight range: gr 100รท2000
MAX hourly production: 2400 pieces (tin bread) please contact the technical office for other type of products

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