F20 AN

The application of the rounding machine with opposed belts gives uniform shaped pieces for producing long pieces of dough with a maximum length of 550 millimetres. Stainless steel and aluminium structure. The rounded pieces make the desired loaves uniform. Adjusting of: rolling speed, inclination of the conveyor belts, opening between the belts

Flour daster device is made of stainless steel with adjustable flour flow, the infeed conveyor chutes and the work top are of stainless steel


f20 an

Main Features

  • Chute for ejecting formats that are not to be rolled.
  • The infeed conveyor belt is made of synthetic material and shaped in such a way that the rounded pieces are centred with the rolling cylinders
  • The electric controls and the adjusting devices are centralized on one side
  • The accident-prevention guard is made of stainless steel
  • Full, precise adjustment of opening between the cylinders, pre-shaping regulating belt and interchangeable long loaf moulder press that can be adjusted by two handles
  • The machine may be combined with Volumetric Dividers and with Intermediate Provers so as to compose automatic units for producing long loaves

Technical Features

Installed power 1 kW
Voltage 230V/50Hz/3ph + E / 400V/50Hz/3ph + E / 220V/60Hz/3ph + E
Weight 380 kg
Opening of laminating cylinders 5 mm (Min) / 27 mm (Max)
Weight range: 110/200 gr (Min) / 2500 gr (Max)
Rear laminating cylinders diameter: 100 mm
Front laminating cylinders diameter: 71 mm
Speed of rounding belt: 10รท51 m./min. (downwards) / 82 m./min. (upwards)

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