Double Arm

The ITB & ITF double arm mixers have fixed bowls and are recommended for working delicate and soft dough for bread-making and for confectionery. It airs the dough guaranteeing that it rises considerably during the fermentation phase. Available in 45kg and 80kg they can have one or two speeds with two timers if required. Also recommended for use in dairy factories for the production of mozzarella cheese. Simple, precise mechanical manufacturing with helical gears operating in an oil bath or grease.



Main Features

  • Built with enbloc structure of thick steel
  • Dipping arms and kneading tools in one piece, made of X5 Cr Ni1810 stainless steel
  • X5 Cr Ni 1810 thick steel bowl
  • Integral safety guard made of X5 Cr Ni 1810 stainless steel
  • Helical gears made of spheroidal cast iron operating in an oil bath
  • Shafts and tools mounted on ball bearings
  • The electric system and the control panel are graded protection class IP55; the motor is class IP44
  • 1st and 2nd speeds

Technical Features

Installed power: kw 1,1 (1st speed) 40 beatings / minute kw 1,5 (2nd speed) 29 / 44 beatings / minute
Voltage: 220V/50 Hz, 3 + E 380V/50Hz. 3 + E
Total Weight: 320kg
Bowl capacity: 65 litre
Internal bowl diameter: 530mm
Bowl depth: 320mm

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