Erika Record Automatic BDM

This machine is made of sturdy cast iron, made to last a lifetime. ERIKA-AUTOMAT can divide pie dough, special variety rolls but also divide and round hard and soft doughs for hamburger buns, hard rolls, brioche, kaiser rolls, flour tortillas, hoagies, pizza, french rolls, middle-east pocket bread and more.

The two-push-button-safety control requires the operator to use both hands for complete safety. Any bystanders are protected through the new safety guard mounted on three sides of the machine. In addition, the cleaning of the head is also easier since it does not have to be lifted on either side but can be tilted forward (completely balanced) with your fingertips. Should the machine jam, a “reverse” position
on the selector switch will return the machine to its starting position while other makes require time consuming intervention, or even partial disassembly. The rounding time is adjustable as is the rounding chamber.



Main Features

  • Supplied with moulding plates
  • Balanced tilting of head for easy cleaning of knives
  • Reverse anti-jamming button
  • Two-hand push button system for operator safety
  • Gradually increased rounding chamber during rounding process
  • Oil pump for continuous lubrication of complete mechanical drive system
  • Knife and head assembly are easily cleanable since the head can be tilted towards you in a completely balanced fashion
  • Base, gear housing, and arch made of sturdy cast iron
  • Finish is a lead-free enamel paint
  • Snap on/off head covers in front and rear are of durable thermoplastic material, impact, resistant and shatter proof
  • Divider knives are of tin plated steel (hot dip application)

Technical Features

Dimensions (h x w x d) 1600 x 800 x 670mm
Weight 500kg
Available in the following weight ranges:
Type 1 - 30 Divisions 20g - 70g
Type 2 - 30 Divisions 25 - 85g
Type 3 - 30 Divisions 30 - 100g
Type 4 - 30 Divisions 40 - 120g
Type 5 - 50 Divisions 18 - 42g
Type 6 - 15 Divisions 150 - 250g
Type 7 - 20 Divisions 70 - 160g
Type 8 - 7 Divisions 250 - 450g
Type 9 - 36 Divisions 20 - 70g
Type 10 - 36 Divisions 25 - 85g
Type 11 - 36 Divisions 30 - 100g

For full list of features please download the brochure from above

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