GAM 1.6A

Reliable, sturdy and easy to use thanks to the application of technologies that make it versatile in production, ensuring an excellent quality product. The unit has 100 work programs that may be customized. Once the weight of the piece to be obtained has been entered and chosen among the 8 1-2-3-4-5 or 6-rows production speeds, the computer automatically regulates the mechanisms of the divider, specifyng the thickness and length.

Two 4-cylinder moulders with 550 mm working width, the second of which can be rotated; this allows the dough to come out at the side without any extra bulk. Accident-prevention protection of Plexiglas divider; of the stainless steel moulders; electric system with protection class IP 55, motors class IP 54.



Main Features

  • Large capacity hopper
  • Electrically adjustable sheeting rollers
  • Knives store incorporated in the machine for easy change of production and number of rows
  • Exclusion of the 1st moulder, possibility of combination with other machines such as chute rounder or conical rounder, ect.
  • 2nd moulder with output bench
  • Dual START-STOP push-button panel with selector to stop just the divider
  • Produces various shapes of loaves and rolls (ciabatte, baguettes, zoccoletti, filoni, mantovane, banane, bocconcini, etc.)
  • On request: outlet belt with or without motorized moulding plate; kipfel device; 2nd 2-cylinder moulder

Technical Features

Installed power kW 2.75
Voltage: 230/50/3+N+E 400/50/3+N+E 220/60/3+N+E
Weight: kg 996
Weight range: from gr 25 (to 6 rows) to gr 1300 (to 1 row)
Production (variable): of 600 to 2000 pieces/hour per row
Dough width: mm 200 (1 row), mm 100 (2 rows), mm 66 (3 rows) mm 50 (4 rows), mm 40 (5 rows), mm 33 (6 rows)

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