Lillnord Luxline

The Lillnord TOPLINE prover range is specially developed to provide optimum control over the proving process. A visual display states temperature and humidity during the process giving the baker a comprehensive view. A service, diagnostic program controls all vital functions and immediate fault indications show on the display.

The function principal – Fan motors in the top of the prover constantly provide the insulated pressure chamber with air. In the chamber the air takes in the required extra heat and humidity and is finally ducted
back in to the prover over though-going baffle plates. This design ensures uniform distribution from top to bottom and provides optimum proving conditions over the whole prover area.

A working economic advantage – Lillnord’s provers are equipped with the well proven Lillnord steam system which produces steam electronically, i.e. without heating elements. This guarantees durability and a hitherto unseen reliability of operation as the water quality (lime-content and degree of harness etc) does not impair the function and life of the prover.

Guaranteed bread quality – Lillnord’s provers ensure optimum bread quality trough uniform proving within the prover. An insulated steam injector with adjustable steam capacity guarantees rapid and precise steam dosage and no over-run.



Main Features

  • Rack loading units, unit size as desired and required
  • RPC computer control
  • Digital temperature & humidity display
  • Electronic thermostat and hygrostat
  • Adjustable stream capacity
  • Electronic steam generator
  • Insulated pressure chamber
  • Insulated steam injector
  • Bump rail on interior panels & doors
  • Fascia & doors in matt stainless steel
  • Side & rear panels galvanized metal sheet with a 180 um white painted
  • Service diagnostic program
  • Service diagnostic program
  • Automatic drainage & cleaning of steam unit

Technical Features

Temperature range: +20°C to +45°C
Humidity: 60% - 95% rF
Insulation: 80mm
Height: without floor 2480mm
Door way: single & double doors 900 to 1500mm
Door hinging as required
Standard provers 1 – 12 racks
Special dimensions as required
Voltage: 3 x 400/230V – 50 Hz

For full list of features please download the brochure from above

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