CPG 96

Used in automatic plants for the production of long loaves and baguettes, the prover makes the final product more homogenous. In fact, the rounded dough is left in the chamber in an air-conditioned environment and this leads to the natural relaxation of the dough before the forming process. In the standard version the provers are supplied with: heating system, humidifier, dehumidifier and germicidal lamp. Use of the intermediate proofer is recommended to improve the development of the product, especially in those cases where flour with low gluten content is used.



Main Features

  • The intermediate proofer is a complement of the bread plants for the production of loaves, tin bread, baguettes, etc.
  • Discharge height variable to suit the machine positioned beneath.
  • Germicidal lamp
  • Pockets made of food plastic material that can be easily detached
  • The maximum proofing time is set by the volumetric divider cutting speed to the infeed rate
  • A discharge chute releases the pieces automatically to the next machine in line.
  • No special maintenance required
  • The electric system is graded protection class IP 55, the motor is class IP 44
  • Stainless steel covers;
  • Temperature control heating system;
  • Automatic water feeding steam generator, humidifier, dehumidifier and aspirator;
  • Remote electric control;
  • Central control system operated by a PLC.

Technical Features

Installed power kW 0,55
Voltage: 230V/50Hz/3+E 400V/50Hz/3+E 220V/60Hz/3+E
Weight: kg 690
Max. weight range: g 1000
Total pockets: 96
Useful pockets: 76
Resting time: 3 min. and 45 sec. (with productivity 20 pieces/min.)

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