LEM steam tube deck ovens

Mondial Forni's tradition of producing steam tube ovens and the experience built up over 60 years of innovating steam tube technology has enabled us to concentrate the needs of the modern baker in the LEM oven.  In fact the LEM oven ensures the baking quality typical of a steam tube oven but in an easy to use, compact format in line with the initial investment required when starting up a new business.

The LEM oven is the ideal solution for shops and bakeries with space limitations of seasonal production requirements.  It is also a flexible and compact solution for smaller businesses wanting to maintain their reputation for quality and tradition. Loading with trays, manual setters or built in loading/unloading elevators.

LEM, the quality of a Mondial Forni steam tube oven.........in a small size.


LEM oven.jpeg

Main Features

  • Stainless steel fascia, external panels and hood
  • Comprising of 4 decks/ 1 door per deck
  • Baking temperature - 300 deg C (Max)
  • IBAS electronic control panel
  • Decks made from granulated cement and clay
  • Tempered glass doors opening upwards, spring control, external handle
  • Dichroic light in the baking decks
  • Insulation: Double layer of high density rock wool
  • Steam generators positioned inside the baking chamber
  • Adjustable feet on request, available in two heights 16 and 26cm above floor
  • Furnace and smoke channels: Refractory steel panels, refractory dry bricks
  • Heating tubes with ring-shaped steam tubes
  • Steam generators, heated by steam tubes placed in the baking decks
  • Electric box inside the right hand column on the front of the oven for easy maintenance

Technical Features

Download the PDF for technical features

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