Domino "LOGIC" Deck Oven

New for 2014 the Domino Series of modular deck ovens focus on the different baking processes, on the energy saving devices and attention to details, resulting in a complete new design. The Domino Series include many improved features, the high degree of insulation, the power management system and the use of thermal reflecting glasses guarantee reduced consumptions. The new system for the door openings reduces the overall oven dimensions and the heating elements with front connections make installation and control operations faster.

The LOGIC version includes thermal reflecting glasses and the automatic control of the steam discharge valve.  Ipro control is installed in each deck.  Thanks to a practical monochromatic LCD display, all oven management operations are simple.  You can programme up to 99 recipes with a maximum of 5 baking phases each.


Domino Logic

Main Features

  • Ipro control
  • Parameters for each recipe:
  • Recipe name, type of steam supplu, front heating element power %
  • Parameters for each recipe phase:
  • Temperature top/bottom MAX 350 degs C
  • Baking time
  • Quantity of steam in seconds/litres
  • Steam exhaust time
  • Additional baking time
  • 2 automatic start-up/shut-down every day
  • "SLEEP" Function
  • "BOOSTER" Function
  • Endof baking buzzer
  • Steam exhauster on/off
  • Chamber light on/off
  • Steam generator heating on/off
  • Steam control on/off
  • Steam exhaust control on/off
  • Diagnostics with description on the LCD

Technical Features

Please download the brochure for technical features

For full list of features please download the brochure from above

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