ISA 600

This industrial mixer satisfies the need of a large production assuring a perfect quality of dough. It is equipped with two spiral tools having a wide diameter that allows an intensive work, even if soft and traditional, thanks to their revolution number (150/min).

The two tools work indipendently reducing the mixing time to half with respect to the standard spiral mixers. The two tools move by means of the belt drive and assure a perfect synchronization such as to balance the stresses that discharge into the bowl and in the bridge structure.

The original design of transmissions and of the entire structure and the solutions developed concerning the duration and safety of components have been carefully studied in order to produce a simple and safe machine for industrial production with limited routine maintenance.



Main Features

  • The bowl trolley is locked automatically by 4 self centering pins and thanks to the bridge structure it can be passed through
  • The stainless steel bowl cover is leakproof and it is suitable for connecting to automatic feeding systems
  • The rotative central post is integral with the head of the machine thus facilitating the emptying of the bowl
  • The main motor is at two speeds: upon request, it may be connected to an inverter for a continous revolution variation or it may be substituted with one at direct current. Motors 5 in total.
  • The computer has programs that can be personalized according to individual working needs

Technical Features

Installed power kw 33 (44 hp)
Voltage: 220v/50Hz 3+G / 380v/50hz 3+G
Absorbed current: 65 A
Machine Weight: kg 3300
Trolley weight kg 610
Electric box: kg 155
Bowl Capacity kg 600 (IT 780)
Internal Bowl Diameter mm 1250
Bowl Depth mm 660

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