Fixed Bowl

The Fast fixed bowl spiral mixers produces both direct dough, even with a high percentage of water, and hard dough, thus adapting to traditional and modern kneading requirements.

A higher rotation of the spiral arm and an improved motor rating allows a perfect mixing of both direct, soft and medium hard dough's with ease.


Once the ingredients are loaded in the bowl and the safety guard is lowered, the spiral mixer can be turned on. Mixing times with the first and second speed can be set in the two timers. Once the machine is started, at the end of the first timer, the second timer will switch on automatically. It is possible to change the bowl rotation for the first minute of mixing (to avoid flour sprinkling).

The machines are built to comply with the accident prevention, hygiene and electric standards in force.



Main Features

  • Cast iron structure made in one piece
  • Simple, precise mechanical manufacturing with helical gears operating in an oil bath or grease.
  • Main drive with belts to start the gear transmissions.
  • Independent motors for bowl and tool rotation are graded protection class IP44.
  • The tool rotation speed is synchronized with the bowl rotation speed.
  • The spiral arm is manufactured with a stainless steel fusion (in one piece).
  • ABS or stainless steel safety guard (on request) and stainless steel bowl.
  • Two speed automatic and manual work cycle with 2 timers with possibility of inverting the direction of the rotation of the bowl to obtain a finer dough
  • Control panel and electrical component case are graded protection class IP55.

Technical Features

Dimensions (A x B x C x D x E x F x G) 1575 x 1151 x 880 x 1030 x 390 x 568 x 690
Weight 300kg
Dough capacity 50kg
Bowl Dia. 540mm
Bowl Depth 323mm
Installed power 380/50/3 N + E
Voltage 3,5

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