Mini Line Cabinet Freezer

The Lillnord MINILINE freezer prover is tray loading, taking 18” x 30” baking trays and is ideal for use in a bake-off environment as the unit makes it possible to offer fresh bread to the customers several times during the day. The modern technology applied in the MINILINE concept reduces night work in the bakery. The dough products may be placed in the unit in the late afternoon. The atomisation will see to it that the products thaw-out to the required time and at the set temperature and are proved ready for bakeoff next morning. or at preset times during the day. This makes for flexibility in the bakery. The unit is a plug-in unit which is ready for use without expensive installation costs.

The unit has an inward insulated pressure chamber which prevents undesirable heat and condensation on the dough pieces. The front is in 18/8 stainless steel, interior and exterior panels are in stainless material. The freezer prover ensures high bread quality through optimum cooling conditions, individual thaw-out curves with incorporated rest periods as well as a proving phase during which steam and heat are applied according to the differing demands of the various dough quantities. The Lillnord Mini-Line freezer prover with GPC2000 computer control has a standard a 24 hour memory of all relevant data which enables the baker to establish quickly any sources of error as well as reasons for differences in quality. The baker is thus able to produce the same top-quality bread products day after day. The computer is prepared for long distance supervision and error correction via modem communication with the Lillnord service data base (optional extra).



Main Features

  • GPC2000 computer control
  • Thaw out curve with incorporated rest periods
  • PID regulation of heat and humidity
  • Computer terminal to personal computer
  • Long distance supervision LDSP2-3 (optional)
  • Fault indication on display
  • PG-steam unit
  • Automatic drainage and cleaning of steam unit
  • Complete integrated compressor
  • Heated door casing
  • Door foot pedal
  • Door with window
  • Takes up to 18 x 30 inch baking trays
  • Adjustable tray slides up to 25 pairs supplied

Technical Features

Minimum distance between runners 3.75mm
Temperature range Freezing: -15°/+10°C Retarding: +3°/+10°C Proving: +10°/+45°C
Humidity range: 40% - 99%
Cooling capacity (watt) 1140W
Electric supply: 3 phase 415V 50Hz 5.7kW/16A

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